Studio Visits Round IV With Eunice CHEN Yuyue


Level Art Gallery’s Curator-in-Residence Eunice CHEN Yuyue has spent the last couple of months visiting the studios of Rockella Space Members at both One Eyed Studios and Brown Bears Studios to learn more about their work and practice. This research culminates into multiple group exhibitions curated by Eunice and opens on May 3rd at One Eyed Studios to coincide with the Ridgewood Open Studios.

Check out Eunice’s last round-up of  studio visits below and make sure to come to the opening of Over-Compression, opening May 3rd at One Eyed Studios.


Yunierki Felix is a street artist from Cuba. Yet, his true passion lies in his more personal projects. In his paintings, he captures pressing social topics and elements of pop culture, channeling his inner reflections onto the canvas. Remarkably, Felix crafts his works—rich with acrylic, graphite, and pastel—even in the bathroom of a shelter.

Brown Bears Studios: Md Tokon

Md Tokon has worked at Brown Bear Studios for nearly a decade and recently moved from the third floor to a larger room on the second floor. He guided me a walk through of his old studio, where the wooden floors are a canvas themselves, speckled with colorful dots of oil paint. These remnants of paint chronicle the passage of time, much like his abstract paintings which vividly convey passionate nature and intense emotions through their dynamic surfaces and vibrant colors.


Luis Aguilera brings his own characters to life through paintings and 3D printings, envisioning them as if they were part of a video game. He infuses these characters with the vibrant pop culture of New York City, blending urban energy with his artistic vision. In his studio within cratives tools, I also noticed some photographs capturing the contrasting beauty of nature and cityscapes, reflecting the diverse inspirations of digital life that influence his work.

ONE EYED STUDIOS: Britt Harrison

The walls of Britt Harrison‘s studio are adorned with her oil paintings on wood of various shapes, each one vividly depicting water in its myriad forms. She uses bright, soothing colors to capture the fluidity and tranquility of water. During my visit, she shared her perspective that water acts as a circulatory system of the body, mirroring the self. It reminds me that our bodies are predominantly composed of water, and the flow of water is intrinsically linked to our own biological rhythms.

brown bears STUDIOS: Chimera Singer

I encountered Chimera Singer at their solo exhibition, The Nude (but male-ish), where photographs of nude cisgender heterosexual males were digitally printed on blankets and fabrics, draped elegantly over steel scaffolds. In this room, charged with alternative masculinity, Chimera used these soft and tangible fabrics to tenderly explore topics of body embodiment, vulnerability, and the comfort with which individuals perceive themselves. They conducted intimate interviews with these men, capturing their bodies within the sanctuary of their bedrooms, seeking to embody a phenomenological experience that reflects the subjects’ personal perceptions.

Find out more about Chimera’s practice by reading our interview with them as a 2024 Featured Member.

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Make sure to come to One Eyed Studios during May to catch the exhibition Eunice has curated based on her visits with Rockella Space Members.



Exhibition Opening:

May 3rd, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates:

May 4th & 5th, 12-6pm

May 11th & 12th, 12-6pm

May 18th & 19th, 12-6pm

Exhibition Closing Reception:

May 19th, 2-6pm