Past Exhibition Weihui Lu:

Artist @OneEyedStudios 10/15-11/07/21

Rockella - Weihui Lu

Shot by Rocio Segura

The End of the World is Forever

The End of the World is ForeverCurrent creative Weihui Lu, has an exhibition at One Eyed Studios, in Studio 122, curated by April Zhu.

The End Of The World Is Forever will be on view until November 17th.

Contact Weihui directly to make an appointment to view this exhibition at our 1639 Centre Street, Ridgewood, NY.

The End of the World is Forever Poster

Dates 10/15 - 11/7 Gallery Hours: Fri-Sun, 1-6pm

Weihui is a painter whose work explores the themes of mental health, climate change, and the ways in which identities – both cultural and personal – are created through the narratives we imagine and retell. She was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Queens, NY, where she currently lives and works.

Weihui Lu Exhibition @OneEyedStudios

Lu decostructs elements of traditional Chinese landscapepainting to examine themes of immigration identity, environmental issues, and mental health. Monochromatic landscapes, painted on translucent materials, become both an attempt to reclaim an ancestral past, and an expression of grift what our relationships to the land, and ourselves, have become.

Weihui Liu Exhibition @OneEyedStudios

The show’s name and title piece draws from the imagery in Xu Daoning’s Song tinastypainting, Fishing in a Mountain Stream, which depicts the barren sides of a mountain range. By using this historical record of deforestation and recreating it as a linocut print, Lu attempts to change the scale of time the larger conversation about environmental concerns, from a reactionary search for quickstep-gap solutions, to the need for more long-term paradigm shifts about human-land relations.

Exhibition: Weihui Lu @OneEyedStudios

At the same time, the stark palette and abstract marks obscure and degrade the image also speak to the artist’s interior existence, and the e optional toll of living in a time of perpetual crisis; it remarks the damaging capitalistic tempo that is as much a strain on the human psyche as it icon the environment. The continuous hand scroll format of the piece acts as a resistance to the digital and technological speed of modern-day art consumption, in hopes of re-establishing an embodied pace in the viewer’s perception of the work.

Current Exhibition: Weihui Lu

It is precisely this streak of hopefulness, desfpitethe artist’s critical awareness, that imbues the work with both complexity and momentum. The title, and repetition of the central image, offer a sense of solace- a reminder that humanity has encountered many moments near-apocalypse before, and that perhaps we are only in one stage of the ongoing cycle.

The End of the World is Forever - Weihui Lu