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In my curatorial practice, I am concerned about mobility labor, memory in migration and diaspora, and environmental injustice. My diverse socio-cultural background has prompted my curation curiosity towards exploring multidisciplinary artistic practices from grassroots, self-learning, immigrant, and community-based artists. My exhibitions focus on how art spaces interact with local communities through interdisciplinary discourses. These curatorial research and practices serve as the mediations between differences of identity, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, and social capital.”

Eunice Chen Yuyue

Art Spiel interviewed Eunice CHEN Yuyue about her experience with us at Rockella Space during her time as Curator-In-Residence at Level Gallery, a Member-run Initiative. Her time with us culminated in a multi-group exhibition titled Over-Compression, that opened during the Ridgewood Open Studios.

She describes her studio visits with Rockella Space Members, how she worked the themes and ideas she is interested as a Curator into Over-Compression and the results of her research.


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