SOPHIE HUR, Photographer & Artist

Sophie is an Australian/Korean photographer, mixed media artist & actor based in New York City. She aims to provide a tangible experience to the viewer and draws inspiration from personal contemplation and imperfect imagery.

How has having a workspace here at Rockella Space helped you along your journey?

Having a workspace here has given me a space that I can dedicate as my own creative space. It’s separating my home life from my creative life. Because I now have a dedicated space to call my own, it has allowed me time to think clearer. The wall and ground space has given me space to play around, especially because I do a lot of collage work.

Do you think the space has contributed to your growth as a photographer?

I think it’s a step to where I want to be. Having your own space as an artist is really important because in a way, it validates your work.

What is one thing you would change about your working process?

I think this year I have built a lot of faith in my own work and process but I would like to learn more technical skills. For example, I know there are more efficient ways I can edit my images, through software programs such as Photoshop and InDesign.

Have you developed any kind of routine while working for yourself?

Because I’m freelancing, I’ve tried to make a schedule for myself to keep the momentum going and keep myself on task. But I also like to play and try not to be too strict on myself. Having a dedicated studio space has allowed me to take a step back and not put too much pressure on keeping a schedule, but to come and go, as it flows.

Where do you draw the inspiration to start your work?

I draw a lot of inspiration from movies, and especially, music. Many of my friends are also great artists and photographers who really inspire me.

How do you overcome any fear you might feel in your creative process?

I like to reflect, refer back to, and sometimes, rework my old works by remaking new compositions and collages. It’s a really good reminder of how much I’ve grown and how my style has adapted, become more unique and more myself.

What is your most inspirational place?

My favorite place is definitely New York CIty. It’s been the most inspirational because the people here motivate me so much. But I do miss Byron Bay in Australia. I love being around the ocean because it’s always super uplifting and inspiring as well.

What current goals are you trying to accomplish?

I really want to create my own book, so I’ve been doing a lot of collage work and creating compositions to put it together. Film is another next step for me. I would love to be working on more music videos and short films.

How has your younger self made it into your work?

My love for performance, especially when I was younger, definitely influences my photography now. Having that love for performance, and experience in the performer’s shoes, has really influenced the way I love to interact with the person and personalities that I’m working with.

What is the most difficult part about being an artist?

Definitely persevering and believing in yourself because there is so much built into society and world that tells you that you’re on the wrong path. Having faith in your own work and accepting that no one’s path is linear, is the biggest challenge in being an artist for me.