TIER, Fashion Designers

Is a New York-based fashion and creative brand that seeks to express art, design and cultural impacts through the lens of garment construction.

Is this your first workspace?

This is our first official workspace?

How has having a workspace made a difference in your work?

Having a workspace has made us more productive. Now we actually have the space to do what we need to do, in terms of packing, shipping, graphics, meetings–we have the space to actually house all of these things and be comfortable in it without it being one of our homes or a random cafe.

Have you managed to network with others in the building?

Yes, since we’ve been in this building we’ve meet a lot of amazing people that also have their own brands. We’re actually in the midst of having a collaboration with two brands in the building. So we’ve definitely been able to network and meet new people, and overall build our community.

How have you seen yourself grow as a business and/or person since coming into the space?

Since being in the space I’ve definitely seen growth in terms of understanding the functionalities of a business. We’ve had our own interns and others working for us, defined our office hours and schedules. This is now our own space where we’ve established a business that runs through us and that we manage.

What things from your childhood have made it into your work?

Anime for sure, especially visually. Whether it’s making content for Tier or conceptualizing photoshoots, a lot of my creative thinking comes from watching anime and holding on to those shows that I watched when I was younger.

What album changed your life?

Kanye Wests’ Graduation.

When you feel fearful on your creative path what do you do to overcome it?

I don’t feel fearful a lot. But when it comes to creative blocks or anxiety about the next step I find what keeps me in the positive mental space is watching anime or listening to music. I also value a lot of alone time to reflect on why I am doing what I’m doing.

What goals are you trying to accomplish right now?

Just finishing out this year strong, building the brand and planning on what’s ahead coming up on our 6-year anniversary.