Studio Visits Round II With Eunice CHEN Yuyue


Level Art Gallery’s Curator-in-Residence Eunice CHEN Yuyue has spent the last couple of months visiting the studios of Rockella Space Members at both One Eyed Studios and Brown Bears Studios to learn more about their work and practice. This research culminates into multiple group exhibitions curated by Eunice and open on May 3rd at One Eyed Studios to coincide with the Ridgewood Open Studios.

Check out Eunice’s round-up of this week’s visit below and find out more about the Rockella Space Open Studio happening in May, 2024!

One Eyed Studios: Sir

Beautiful natural light bathed Sir‘s studio, illuminating their fluid drawings and paintings that adorned the high-ceilinged walls. In the conversation, we explored the shapeless, diverse, and indefinite power of flowing water – a theme central to their work, which beautifully blurs and redefines the conventional distinctions of gender.

Brown Bears Studios: Jean Rim

Jean Rim in her studio, a serene space with lovely green plants. There, her enamel paintings, each with a sleek and luminous finish, sparkled under the shifting light. the transitory nature of crossing borders. Rim, an immigrant artist from Korea now making her home in the USA. Her work eloquently speaks to the beauty found within pain, delicately hinting at the deep poignancy of loss, displacement, and the fleeting nature of experiences that span across borders.


Find out more about Jean Rim’s practice by reading our interview with her as a 2023 Featured Member.


Christine Abraham shared with me the delightful way she incorporates childhood elements into her art—stickers, pastel colors, and other echoes of her youth in the Brooklyn community. Each piece vividly paints or weaves these daily, mundane items, evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and personal connection. Through her work, she captures the essence of those fleeting moments from her childhood, transforming them into enduring expressions of her past.


In the quiet sanctuary of Jason Karolak‘s studio, he revealed to me how geometric patterns are not just components but the entirety of his collective vision. His large-scale paintings, a vivid exploration of abstraction intertwined with personal experiences, underscore the significance of emotional resonance between virtuality and reality.


Immersed in the vibrant street life of New York City, Alexander Brewington’s oil paintings capture the diverse characters that pulse through the city’s veins. With his colorful brushstrokes, he snapshots the blunt cityscape right before my eyes, evoking the chaos and wildness that define urban life.

Keep eyes peeled here for Round III of Eunice’s Studio Visits.