Studio Visits Round I With Eunice CHEN Yuyue

Level Art Gallery’s Curator-in-Residence Eunice CHEN Yuyue has spent the last couple of months visiting the studios of Rockella Space Members at both One Eyed Studios and Brown Bears Studios to learn more about their work and practice. This research will culminate into multiple group exhibitions curated by Eunice and open on May 3rd at One Eyed Studios to coincide with the Ridgewood Open Studios.

Check out Eunice’s round-up of this week’s visit below and find out more about the Rockella Space Open Studio happening in May, 2024!

Brown Bears Studios: Karryl Eugene

Karryl Eugene is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Since studying in Italy in 2019, Eugene has developed a keen interest in collage and wood paneling. His work often incorporates elements of the internet and interfaces, with a focus on juxtaposition and overlapping images. He explores alternative ways of referencing blackness, such as through found images and subcultures, to challenge traditional representations and create more personal and anecdotal claims.

Brown Bears Studios: Spencer Patrick

Spencer Patrick grapples with vastness and confinement in his art, using contrasting palettes and imagery to convey their emotions. His painting reflect loneliness and islolation in urban environments, yet connections are made.


Kristen Heritage explores the material reality of everyday life and psychological facets under capitalism through acrylic paint and textiles. She pays homage to European art and culture, which represents death in a cartoonish way that is not typically seen in American culture.

ONE EYED STUDIOS: William Niederkorn & Yolanda Hawkins

William Niederkorn & Yolanda Hawkins are partners, collaborating at One Eyed Studios. Niederkorn’s paintings are inspired by their experience of feeling isolated in a city and the daily scenes they saw on the street, while Hawkins’ performance art and the photographic documentation spotlight the power of teamwork and embracing a broad audience.


Joe Gray‘s artwork emerges from his exploration of self-portraiture and a darkly imaginative lens. Utilizing found magazines, vintage photos, and adhesive tapes, his collages weave childhood memory and creative imagination. Gray’s emphasis on traditional collage and in-camera techniques underscores the intrinsic value of these hands-on artistic processes.