Alejandra Rojas at Milan Design Week

One Eyed Studios Rockella Space Member Alejandra Rojas

Whimsical Structures

Milan Design Week 2024

April 15th-21st, 2024

Isola Design Gallery

Lampo – Scalo Farini, Via Valtellina 5, Milan, Italy.


Alejandra Rojas’s latest designs will take part in Milan Design Week 2024 as part of a group exhibition for Isola Design. The collection responds to the curious observation of “misplaced”
remnants encountered during her summer walks in the city. The geometries emerged from the sight of a six-pack beer ring holder discarded on the streets of NYC.

The design consists of a series of modules that collectively form a sculptural piece. The concept revolves around a playful arrangement of these modules, allowing for endless reconfigurations and the creation of new compositions. The structures aim to raise awareness of the state of our streets, saturated with litter to the extent that it has integrated into our daily lives. Alternatively, they seek to convey the potential for beauty in ordinary objects often deemed as trash or, better yet, candidates for recycling.

Dimensions: 4” width x 4” length x 14” height

Primary Materials: Ceramic

About Alejandra Rojas

Alejandra is a Peruvian immigrant who grew up in an artistic environment. She pursued a career in architecture and specialized in computational design and fabrication. What she enjoyed most was the creative part of thinking and sketching with her hands, which unfortunately happens more at school than in practice. She started working with clay as a creative outlet, but she decided to bring what she had learned and loved from architecture to establish her own studio. For the past few years she has developed her research for patterns and unusual forms and transformed them into sculptural clay objects.