TAIJI KURODA, Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Shot by Rocio Segura

Taiji Kuroda is a Japanese graphic designer and fine artist based in Brooklyn, New York.


Is this your first workspace and if so, how has being at Rockella Space changed how you work?

Yes, I’ve been at Rockella Space for three years and having this creative space has been a nice switch to working from my own house. It helps me switch to work-mode and take my own work more seriously.


Have you had a chance to network here at Rockella Space?

Not yet, I usually just stay in my studio to focus on work. But I do like how there are many different types of people who work here, not just artists.

Describe your creative work.

Sometimes I give people hints to see a new perspective.

You’re working on a new series of works on paper about beef. Tell us more.

Steak is pretty easy and cheap to get nowadays, but years ago, it was actually really expensive and seen as a luxury. I thought the shift in perception over time was interesting. I never thought about it before and by creating large scale drawings with lots of detail, it makes people stop and take some time to think about meat. Some people think it’s beautiful, some think it’s ugly, but that is my goal.

Is there anything you dislike about the artworld?

The digital world in general. With social media, everything is visual and people are just swiping across hundreds of images a day. Artists spend so much time creating one image that it’s sad to think it gets lost in the scroll.

What do you do when you need to concentrate?

I put in earplugs! No music. It’s just something I do that makes me feel like I’m connecting.